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  • Mindfullness
    Dr. Shapiro’s trajectory into mindfulness practice seemed to have been part of a spiritual awakening that informed the rest of her life.  In a video,( Michael Sandler’s Inspire Nation, 2020, Read more
  • The Benefits of Eustress
    There have been several times that I have experienced eustress. It happens on a daily basis. For example, with the fear of the  BA 2 variant possibly causing a rise Read more
  • Peace
    Someone recently asked me how they could handle the feeling of worry for others in light of the conflicts in the world. My response: Peace always resides in you and around you. Read more
  • Comparing Self to Others
    With all of the media around us such as reality shows, and glossy magazines depicting the seemingly enviable lives of the super-rich and the super glamorous, it can feel like Read more
  • Are religious beliefs delusional?
    Hood, Hill, and Spilka (2018) explained  that people that have a serious mental illness and are delusional, may believe that they are God’s chosen.  The discussion included exploring a mental Read more
  • Audrey O’Neal Of Growth and Change Services Inc. Honored As New York Fort George’s 2022 Local  Business Person Of The Year
    BOSTON, MA: February 16, 2022 -- The largest online referral network for small businesses, is announcing the results of its national search for leaders who’ve gone above and beyond guiding Read more
  • Spiritual or Religious Experience?
    Hood, Hill, and Spilka (2018) contended that the exploration of religious and spiritual experiences can be fraught with challenges as the first task would be to define what experience actually Read more
  • Cultural Mindfulness
    Folder and Robbins (2016) noted a connection between phenomenology and humanistic psychology and mindfulness, but also what they termed Multicultural Humanistic Existential Psychotherapy (MMHEP). The researchers pointed out that this Read more
  • Mindfulness and Self- compassion
    Campos, Cebolla,  Quero,  Bretón-López,  Botella, and  Baños (2016) explained that recently studies have shown that the combination of mindfulness and self-compassion skills have been instrumental in contributing to well-being and Read more
  • Benefits of Gratitude
    I think it's wonderful to encourage children to express gratitude. It has been well outlined in some research that there is an association between gratitude and the increase in happiness Read more
  • Cycles of Happiness
    Happiness can be changeable and that well-being appears to be more stable in a person's life. I think it's true that people experience different cycles in their lives with highs Read more
  • How Self efficacy can help us function better
    Do you ever wonder how well or how poorly you will be able to cope with certain situations? Let me introduce you to William. William has been working at a Read more
  • National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine-Ruth Buczynski, PhD- Webinar
    In the Webinar, Dr. Buczynski spoke to anger being one the most challenging emotions that clinicians find themselves working with. In fact, what was interesting to learn had to do Read more
  • Business: Do You Struggle with Imposter feelings?
    Ashley Abramson writing for the American Psychological Association on March 23, 2021, wrote that 82% of the population confront the sense of imposter phenomenon. The reporter said the imposter phenomenon Read more
  • Dream Analysis: Traumatic dreams and suicide risk
    Keywords: PTSD, transgender, nightmares, Holocaust survivors, dream analysis Synopsis Andrew, Cogan, Scholl, and Davis (2020) noted that transgender and other gender diverse individuals are at risk for suicide. The study investigated the Read more
  • PTSD and Nightmares
    Lewis and Krippner (2016) noted that the developmental lifecycle method can yield insight for individuals going through life transitions such as marriage, divorce, pregnancy, and aging. The researchers noted that Read more

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