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Cultural Mindfulness

Folder and Robbins (2016) noted a connection between phenomenology and humanistic psychology and mindfulness, but also what they termed Multicultural Humanistic Existential Psychotherapy (MMHEP). The researchers pointed out that this approach undergirds mindfulness and what the researchers termed  meditative attunement in light of the clients cultural experiences. The MMHEP approach is unique in terms of the fact that the therapist observed the patient in a mindful way. Rather than undertake an intake assessment, the therapist would fuse a person centered approach to explore the patients beliefs, and values. The researchers pointed out that the therapist may tend to also observe the client and focus on their communication style. The researchers noted the mindful awareness of the style of the client can be instrumental in informing the psychotherapist about the clients capacity both personally and culturally as well as any resistance they may have or any enthusiasm they may have for engaging in mindfulness meditation.This kind of an engagement in the here and now as described by the researchers opens the door for connection between the client and therapist. The therapist's expressions of empathy in this engagement can help remove barriers in the therapeutic relationship. This idea is evident as the researchers noted that when looked at from a relational perspective the approach undertaken by a therapist with cultural competence or or awareness can truly be with the patient rather than turned away from the patient. This type of mindfulness engenders genuineness as well as unconditional positive regard , but also allows the patient to become mindful and enhance their capacity for being in the here and now during the session.


Felder, A. J., & Robbins, B. D. (2016). The integrated heart of cultural and mindfulness meditation practice in existential phenomenology and humanistic psychotherapy. The Humanistic Psychologist, 44(2), 105-126.

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