Compassionate, Sensitive and helpful 

"I greatly benefited from seeing Audrey.. She was empathetic but also had helpful feedback that allowed me to broaden my perspective on my experiences. She was solutions oriented and both affirmed and pushed me. I highly recommend her!"

January 20th, 2019

Five stars
Wait time 5 minutes
Communicates Well
Explains Symptoms Interested in my needs Effective Treatment

"Audrey O'Neal has been helpful in facilitating my journey of self-improvement and has supported me in clarifying my direction in life as I work on making changes". 

- Client

"I had the pleasure of working with Audrey in a residential setting working with people with behavioral concerns. She is well trained to handle different types of individuals with variety of issues. Although I worked in a different department, we worked with the same clients when I was a vocational rehabilitation counselor there. The clients always expressed positive reviews about the way she dealt with their individual concerns. Audrey was extensively familiar with the clients' histories and with the functional limitations as well as the client's strengths. Audrey always stayed in close contact with me and always assessed the clients' job readiness as it can very traumatic to put clients in the world of work if they are not ready for it. I noticed the clients appeared to decrease some of their difficulties and sought to enhance their ability to function independently after engaging in therapy with Audrey. "

- Greenhope Services for Women vocational counselor

"I view Audrey O'Neal as a future leader in the mental health field and believe she has the capacity to make significant contributions to the profession. Audrey O'Neal embodies a balance of compassion, logic, critical thinking, and knowledge that can help promote social change."

- Dr. Sidney Shaw

Audrey is so warm and so kind and so phenomenal. After my first session she was able to help me start connecting dots, and my second was even better. You can tell that she genuinely cares about you and wants the very best for you, and wants to give you the steps to help you get there. An excellent listener, explains and breaks things down so well and understandably, helps me really dive into aspects of who I am and my mental health. Very much looking forward to many more sessions with her!

- ZocDoc review

Audrey O'Neal was very helpful in identifying the problems I was facing, which in turn helped me approach them in a clear-minded way.

-ZocDoc review

Audrey was exceptionally easy to talk to. I've only just begun the journey, but already know that this is a good fit and have booked follow up appointments. She went above and beyond to prepare for appointment and is responsive to questions or concerns. The telecommunication is a wonderful option as well. The entire practice goes above and beyond, even in making my appointment happen during a Holiday weekend. I can already see my own progress on the horizon with having a reliable, intelligent, and (down to earth) supportive therapist working WITH me FOR a better me.

- ZocDoc review

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