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  • Emotions and Motivation
    In terms of whether individuals can voluntarily change emotions, research has suggested that attempting to control emotions or regulating them can have a negative impact on health as well as Read more
  • Sleep aids and controversy
    Sleep Aids and Controversy A controversial topic I wanted to address deals with psychiatrists prescribing sleep aids where the primary symptom is not insomnia. Preston, O'Neal, and Talaga (2013) noted Read more
  • Healing Childhood Trauma
    Healing Childhood Trauma As I listened to Fran Waters, MSW, MFT and author of Healing the Fractured Child, I felt I would learn a plethora of information about childhood dissociation. Read more
  • What the body tells you
    What the Body Tells You Environmental and cultural influences make a strong impact. Recently, I was reading the work of Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk who specializes in trauma. One Read more

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