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Mindfulness and Self- compassion

Campos, Cebolla,  Quero,  Bretón-López,  Botella, and  Baños (2016) explained that recently studies have shown that the combination of mindfulness and self-compassion skills have been instrumental in contributing to well-being and emotions of a positive nature in connection with mindfulness training. The researchers describe mindfulness as a practice used for self-regulation as well as focusing attention on the present moment with non-judgment, a sense of curiosity, and acceptance. The researchers referred to the disposition of mindfulness and the role it plays in alleviating stress. The researchers also referred to mindfulness-based interventions that can be combined with meditation and has shown to be effective in treating  psychological disorders. The researchers asserted that mindfulness has been associated with positive emotions. There have been several studies that  investigated the connection between mindfulness and psychological symptoms and  the connection between mindfulness and positive emotions. The researchers pointed out that mindfulness and connection with self compassion refers to the individuals acknowledging their suffering and not practicing avoidance with it but developing away to decrease the sense of suffering and to use kindness towards the self as a way of healing. In their study participants completed a survey which consisted of an assessment protocol. 599 individuals went into the website, 487 Agreed to participate, and 365 completed the survey and also those 365 consisted of the final sample. They used the five facets of the mindfulness questionnaire in order to measure dispositional mindfulness. The self compassion scale was used to measure self compassion. The Pemberton happiness index was used to assess happiness and well-being.The purpose of the study was to investigate how the frequency of meditation is connected to greater happiness and how disposition of mindfulness combined the self- compassion might mediate the relationship between the two. The researchers discovered that the frequency of meditation practice plays a role and is connected to dispositional mindfulness levels, south compassion, and happiness. These results as the researchers pointed out have implications with regard to treatment they could be developed and that would Take into consideration combining self compassion training with mindfulness as mindfulness-based interventions do not include self compassion training. 


Campos, D., Cebolla, A., Quero, S., Bretón-López, J., Botella, C., Soler, J., ... & Baños, R. M. (2016). Meditation and happiness: Mindfulness and self-compassion may mediate the meditation-happiness relationship. Personality and individual differences, 93, 80-85.

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