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An Awakening

It's important to see the world and navigate the world through a lens of progressiveness and to act accordingly. If a person's perspective is negative, then it will affect all the different choices a person makes. On the other hand, if one's lens is of a positive nature, the choices, beliefs, and habits will also be more adaptive and the person will be more progressive. I think there has to be a shift in the way that a person experiences life, and a shift in the way they feel. Some people feel very pessimistic about life, and so in that instance they should be led to make a shift to feeling more optimistic and more willing to change the conditions of their lives that make them feel pessimistic. Sometimes the weeds that people have in their minds are very much a part of their identity. It's a kind of a learned helplessness that many people apply to their lives. For instance,  what applied to their lives in the past does not work anymore. They have grown since then.    In the present, it isn't necessary anymore, but they have come into a kind of a destructive pattern of thinking and being in which they are caught.

 A person becomes more available to collaborate with the universe when they have cleared their old patterns and embraced a new way of being which points to believing in oneself and believing in the power that every individual has to collaborate with the universe and to engage the light as an ally as well. In order to maintain and sustain this feeling,  they needed energy and passion as well as the joy and engagement in one's life. It is key to be able to put quantum practice at the forefront. I am beginning to notice that it is giving me a perspective which is much more adaptive and which is much more geared toward being at one with the universe and feeling my interconnectedness with all beings.

 There are many unseen possibilities that become apparent. When you wake up in the morning you feel as though you are waking up into a world of possibilities, and each task that you undertake is seen more as an opportunity to further put into action creative union in collaboration with the universe. I think my understanding about how the universe works is  quite expansive now. Through the guided visualizations of seeing myself interacting with the universe, I have begun to believe that going into that state of being a quantum human can be the most awe inspiring activity that I can do in my daily life. I had never thought before that I could have a relationship with the universe and collaborate with it as I do now, and I am starting to see what a tremendous force it is in my life that can completely transform it. What I see that is possible for me in opening up to this quantum reality, is the fact that I can be a person who can embrace joy and a person can be calm and composed throughout life knowing that the universe is an ally and whenever I have need, I can join with those forces, and I know that things will work out smoothly. I think I began doing inner hygiene and getting rid of the weeds of the mind by thinking deeply about the role of the light in my life and what it means to be touched and embraced by it. I think many people are having this kind of spiritual awakening.

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