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Handling Daily Stress

The insight that I can draw from managing stress leads me to think that anxiety can also be helpful because it does spur  a person into action and is motivating and it can also help a person to develop tools in their lives that can be helpful in handling stress when it appears. For example, sometimes people can become destructive in their thinking and they spend an inordinate amount of time worrying. Someone very wise said that it was important to create at least four or five ideas that you can think about when you're feeling stressed and these ideas should be able to engender a sense of calm. For  example, a person might think about what they would like to be doing in five years or vacations that they would like to take, or places that they would like to visit that they have not yet visited, but that would contribute joy to their lives. This is an exercise that I often share with some of my clients and I think that it helps them to think in more adaptive ways and to put their worries aside.

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