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A healthy dose of Positive Psychology

It's interesting that you point out that happiness can be changeable and that well-being appears to be more stable in a person's life. I think it's true that people experience different cycles in their lives with highs and lows. I also think it's important that when a person feels they're experiencing a downward cycle, it really is essential to be able to begin to restructure any negative thoughts and to reframe negative thinking, or to program the mind with positive thoughts. It could even be that if you begin to develop a way to cultivate positive thoughts, when you reverse the unhappiness in your life, perhaps the happiness will be more long lasting. Unfortunately, many people believe unhappiness is a  sort of a reversal. I think It might be beneficial to see  the cycle as perhaps the beginning of a happier cycle to come. One of the exercises that I really appreciate,drawn from positive psychology, is the exercise in which you can think about three things that you want to happen tomorrow or that you want to see happen. I really believe that it  leads the mind in the direction of more limitless thinking and this can. cultivate positive feelings as well.

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