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The Body Scan

I think the body scan is an excellent way to begin to teach mindfulness. I believe that it can feel emotionally safe as it is helping the client to relax their mind and their body. When a person enters the therapy room so to speak , they may already have a lot on their mind which causes mental exhaustion. By providing an exercise like the body scan and teaching it to the patient, you are also empowering the patient to take better care of themselves and use the body scan as a tool so that they can improve their well-being. Many of the clients that I have, share with me that hypnotherapy has been very useful to them and many of them request for me to integrate it in every session. I find that when I use hypnotherapy and customize it to their particular concerns, it also engenders trust, but it helps the patient to prime their instinctive mind for a change as the hypnotic trance places the mind in the most optimal learning state.

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