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Well-being and Longevity

 One of the keys to wellbeing and longevity, is associated with making healthier choices in order to enjoy better health overall.  In my readings, I found research about the role of positive emotions in contributing to good health. Kok, Coffey, Cohn, Catalina, Vacharkulksemsuk,Algoe,Bartley, and Fredrickson (2013) explained that individuals who cultivate more positive emotions enjoy longevity as well as good health. In fact, the researchers contended that positive emotions strengthen the immune system as individuals who engage in more adaptive emotions, tend to have fewer colds. The researchers pointed out that improved physical health can increase an individual's life by their participation in physical exercise, improving their motivation to eat nutritional foods, and reducing the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

Crear (2020) pointed out that research suggests that spending time in nature provides benefits for the mind as well as the physical body. The researcher contended that engaging in gardening can be therapeutic in the improvement of an individual's mood as well as their overall health. The researcher pointed out that in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the sense of uncertainty that it has produced, therapeutic gardening can build a connection with nature which enhances well-being. The researcher pointed out that gardening helps to produce mindfulness in the sense of allowing nature to help individuals relax and slow down.




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