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Gestalt Dreamwork

Have you ever thought of participating in Gestalt dreamwork as part of your therapy session?

The types of individuals that would benefit from Gestalt dreamwork might be those who are willing to focus their awareness and engage in delving into the exploration of what Gestalt therapists term unfinished business. Clients who want to expand self-knowledge would also benefit.

Through dreamwork, the client would have to be willing to be confronted about their past as well as not only reflect on their dreams but also enact them.

Clients who are drawn to creative approaches would benefit from exploring the characters in their dreams, but also in enacting their experiences.

Clients have the opportunity to delve into the symbols of their dreams, and rather than retell a dream, clients who seek to be challenged can also speak in the language of the dream.

It appears to me that clients who are seeking to resolve inner conflicts and collaborate with the therapist in the pursuit of self-discovery- in which the client takes an active role would do well.

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