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Dream Analysis

Kline and Hill (2014) pointed out that the cognitive experiential dream model has received empirical validation but also has been instrumental for clients to delve more deeply into understanding their thoughts, feelings, and actions. As collaborators, the clients have the opportunity to consider the narrative of the dream and what action they would take to affect changes in their lives based upon what was learned from the dream. The benefit of the Hill model of dreamwork focuses upon the three stages they provide and the opportunity to construct meaning from the dream. One of the benefits is that the exploration stage as the researchers noted, takes more time to go through as it involves a thorough interpretation of the dream. High functioning clients who are motivated to explore the meaning and are action-oriented would find the Hill model ideal.


Kline, K. V., & Hill, C. E. (2014). Client involvement in the exploration stage of the hill cognitive-experiential dream model. Dreaming, 24(2), 104-111.

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