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My ideal Clients

My ideal clients are people who want to reach their highest potential and thrive in a more fulfilling life. Some of the people that will reach out and seek out information will be those that struggle with stress and feel they’re not making the most of life. They feel that some of the negative experiences in their lives have caused them to lose their enthusiasm and, therefore they have difficulty embracing life fully. 

My ideal clients may feel that there is something standing in their way that prevents them from moving forward. Perhaps my ideal clients have thought about reaching their highest potential, but they have not known the direction to take, and have not had guidance about what they can do to improve their lives and make it more purposeful. My ideal clients are people that can envision a better life, but they are bogged down with the lack of confidence and self belief.

My ideal clients may be enduring experiences and situations that contribute to their sense of malaise, and they seek to develop the inner strength to be able to pull themselves out of those situations. When I think about my ideal clients , I am able to imagine that they have dreams and potential, but Ihave been thwarted from reaching their full potential as they lacked encouragement. 

My ideal clients are people who seek to live a more peaceful and meaningful life. They are compassionate people who love life, but I find it difficult to be compassionate with themselves because they are self critical. My ideal clients are generous and loving people, but others have taken advantage of them and have not been thankful for the help that
they have offered. However, my ideal clients understand the value of gratitude and they know how to express it, but they have not yet understood the full benefit of it as they are mired in negative thoughts about the people in their lives that distress them. 

My ideal clients are conscientious people that go the extra mile, but they spend very little time thinking about the negative impact that stress can make on their minds and bodies. Sometimes they lay awake at night thinking about what they can
do to alleviate some of their stress, but they realize they have so much responsibility and it may not be possible to slow down. 

My ideal clients place their attention on many things in their lives, especially other people, but they very rarely focus on themselves. My ideal clients strive to be happy, but they tend to be stuck in the past and ruminate about unhappy experiences and sometimes have regrets or practice self blame.Some of my ideal clients experience low moods and are pessimistic in their thinking. They want to climb out of this abyss, but it doesn’t seem possible to them. 

My ideal clients have made efforts to help themselves. They have practiced meditation and they do have Apps on their phone to help them to calm down. They exercise and practice good nutrition. They do enjoy taking walks and engaging in physical fitness. However, they often don’t engage in these activities consistently enough to see a good outcome.

My ideal clients are also consumers of self-help books and some of the books grab their attention and others don’t. They become so overwhelmed in their lives that they often put the book down and never pick it up again. I use a range of modalities including hypnotherapy to help my ideal clients overcome their distress and to help the growth and change process evolve more quickly.

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