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  • Neuroscientific Insights
    Ray (2018) noted that there has been an emphasis on discovering and using more “objective markers” (p. 54) in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Using neuroscience research has Read more
  • Genetic and Environmental Influences
    Ray (2018) noted that twin studies provide the opportunity to observe an event in nature that helps facilitate the understanding of important factors associated with genetic influences. The researcher explained Read more
  • Psychopathology as Universal
    Ray (2018) noted that in the 1970’s, Jane Murphey of Harvard University studied the Eskimos of northwest Alaska and the Yoruba of rural Nigeria. This study was undertaken at a Read more
  • My ideal Clients
    My ideal clients are people who want to reach their highest potential and thrive in a more fulfilling life. Some of the people that will reach out and seek out Read more
  • How a Mind/body Approach to Wellness can be Beneficial
    McEwen (2017) explained that mindfulness-based stress reduction practice demonstrated an increase in brain gray matter. The increase in brain gray matter density was noticed in the hippocampus, cerebellum, and prefrontal Read more
  • An Awakening
    It's important to see the world and navigate the world through a lens of progressiveness and to act accordingly. If a person's perspective is negative, then it will affect all Read more
  • Handling Daily Stress
    The insight that I can draw from managing stress leads me to think that anxiety can also be helpful because it does spur  a person into action and is motivating Read more
  • A healthy dose of Positive Psychology
    It's interesting that you point out that happiness can be changeable and that well-being appears to be more stable in a person's life. I think it's true that people experience Read more
  • Autogenic Training
    It's interesting as Greenberg (2021) explained that autogenic training when it was being developed, also used hypnosis. Greenberg (2021) noted psychiatrist Johannes Schultz discovered that the patients that he had Read more
  • Occupational Stress
    Since I am independent and run my own practice, I can keep my occupational stress level low. However, Greenberg (2021) contended that low occupational stress can be equally as unhealthy Read more
  • Exploring Biases
    For one of my doctoral courses in clinical psychology, I participated in an experiential lab activity in which I needed to explore a time when I acted in a prejudicial Read more
  • The Body Scan
    I think the body scan is an excellent way to begin to teach mindfulness. I believe that it can feel emotionally safe as it is helping the client to relax Read more
  • The Power of Mindfulness
    Strong (2019) described contemplative psychotherapy as a combination of the use of the clinician being mindful, Buddhist teachings, as well as counseling skills.Clients can be educated on the benefits of Read more
  • Hypnotherapy
    Esmail (2017) noted in the Canadian study that 79% of Canadians had used complementary or alternative therapy at some point in their lives. In 2016, 27% used yoga and 3 Read more
  • Well-being and Longevity
     One of the keys to wellbeing and longevity, is associated with making healthier choices in order to enjoy better health overall.  In my readings, I found research about the role Read more
  • Mind- Body- Spirit Medicine
     From my understanding, the mind-body connection refers to the way in which the mind impacts the body. For example, as a hypnotherapy practitioner, I often lead my patients into guided Read more

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